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Use up old stamps now before barcode deadline

We should start using up our old stamps now before they’re phased out in favour of ones with a barcode

If we have a big batch of stamps kicking around we only have a few months left to use them up before news ones with a barcode come in.

After 31 January 2023 most stamps without a barcode won’t be valid.

It’s part of a move towards a more digital postal service.

Which stamps are affected?

It’s the typical stamps with the late Queen’s profile and a plain background that are affected.

Christmas or other special-edition stamps will still be okay – even without barcodes.

But if we use the other kind after the cut-off date, the person taking the delivery will be charged for the postage when the letter is delivered.

If we don’t think we’ll be able to use up all our old stamps before the deadline we can swap them out.

We can get a form from a PO delivery office or online. We then send the form back to Royal Mail with our old stamps, who will then send us back the new barcoded stamps.

Going digital

Like lots of other things, like benefits and GP appointments for example, postal services are moving online.

If we or someone we know struggles with the digital world, there’s free help out there.

Online Centres can help us if we need to skill up and overcome our fears. And Good Things Foundation has loads of free lessons if we’re already online but just want to get a bit more confident.

Quids in! teamed up with Good Things Foundation last year for our Nobody In The Dark campaign. The campaign helps people who are unsure about the internet boost their incomes. 

It includes the Future-Proof Finance Quiz – a safe and easy quiz that anyone can do. It could leave us hundreds of pounds better off so it’s worth having a look.

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