How to save money on Christmas presents

In a cost-of-living crisis we can say no to expensive Christmas presents. But there are still lots of ways to show our loved ones we care

Tis the season of goodwill, not the season of debt. So why don’t we think about giving cheaper Christmas presents (or saying no to them entirely)?

We might still want to give something special to our nearest and dearest. But maybe friends, neighbours and colleagues might be grateful for the chance to save a bit of cash?

It also means we’re keeping a tighter grip of our cash too.

And just because we’re giving, doesn’t mean we have to be spending (lots). If we’ve read any good books recently we could suggest a book exchange instead of gifts.

It’s more personal than picking something random from Amazon. Plus, we can write a message inside telling our friend or loved-one why we think they’ll love it.

Other low-cost (or free) gift options include a basket of home-made treats if we’re handy in the kitchen.

Chocolate slabs can look great. And if we make them ourselves they cost a fraction of the ones in the shops.

Or rather than giving physical things, we may have people in our lives who would just appreciate our time.

It could be spending a day with them doing something they’ll love. Maybe joining them for their favourite activity, or a film night where they get to pick what to watch.

Maybe we know someone who’s always busy. They might really appreciate us doing something for them that takes the pressure off a bit. Maybe babysitting, dogsitting or even a bit of hard work like gardening.

Sometimes not giving can be a gift in itself. Why? Because when we give a gift we might make that person feel like they have to buy us something back. So at least if we raise it with friends we’ll learn more about where they stand on presents this year.

When it comes to Christmas Dinner, lots of us won’t be prepared to go without in the name of saving cash. But remember we don’t have to buy the best of everything.

After Tesco unveiled their £25 Christmas Dinner, rival supermarket Asda undercut them with a menu that checks out at £22.

Image: Ma Boîte A Photos / Pexels

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