Basket of goods from Morrisons

Morrisons cuts cost of Christmas products

Supermarkets across the country are offering cheaper Christmas foods – but we need to know where to look

Morrisons has cut the price of many of our favourite Christmas products to take some of the pressure off our wallets this winter.

The supermarket slashed the cost of 52 items, from frozen roast potatoes to batteries, mincemeat and tin foil.

The store normally sees a rise in sales of these items at this time of year and they’ve promised to keep the prices low until the end of 2022.

Morrisons has also included mincemeat, puff pastry, peanuts, stuffing, dips, flavoured cheeses and cocktail prawns in the offer.

And other stores are cutting costs to help with the Christmas food bill too. Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury’s are all going to offer bags of veg like carrots, sprouts and parsnips for 19p. 

Aldi then said it would be selling a 2kg bag of white potatoes for just 15p. These offers should be on the shelves by now, in time for the big Christmas shop.

And some Sainsbury’s stores have now cut the price of some of their veg to 19p a bag.

With bird flu stories hitting the headlines over autumn, we might have been worried about the cost of a turkey this Christmas.

Frozen is cheaper than fresh – and the best buys this year seem to be at Aldi and Lidl. 

They both come in at £2.78 per kilo, which is about £20 per medium turkey. Smaller turkeys and turkey crowns will work out cheaper.

And this year, Poundland has made a surprise entrance in the Christmas dinner market. They reckon shoppers can bag a full turkey dinner from their store for £5 per head.

Food prices have been soaring along with utility bills, driving the inflation that we’re all struggling with. So grabbing the best deals makes sense.

Milk, butter, pasta, cheese and potatoes are some of the foods that have seen the biggest rises since last Christmas.

Most foods have gone up in cost, but there are a few items that have come down. They include orange juice and minced beef.

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