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Tax Credits – claimants to start moving on to Universal Credit

This month, some of us on Tax Credits may get a letter telling us how to make the switch

If we get Tax Credits we could be among the next in line to be moved on to Universal Credit.

From this month, claimants on Tax Credits will get a letter in the post when it’s their turn to move.

The process of moving people over will take place over this year and next.

Tax Credits are classed as benefits, but some claimants don’t realise this. So they may not be expecting to be moved on to UC.

The process is called ‘managed migration’. The letter will come from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is called a Universal Credit Migration Notice.

End of Tax Credits

The good news is that most of us on Tax Credits will be a bit better off after moving on to Universal Credit. (But if our new amount is lower, we’ll be entitled to a top-up, called Transitional Protection.)

Tax Credits are ending for good. This means all of us who claim them will get a letter asking us to apply for Universal Credit before the end of 2024.

The onus is on us to apply for UC – we won’t be moved over automatically. That means it’s really important to open all our post every day so we don’t miss our migration notice.

The letter contains the information we need to apply, and we should start the process as soon as we get it. This is the case even if we have already renewed our Tax Credit claim. There will be a deadline date on the letter.

If we’re worried about the move, we can get help from a Quids in! Centre. If we don’t have one near us there’s help and advice online.

And it’s always a good idea to do a benefits check like this Quids in! one to make sure we’re getting everything we’re entitled to.

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