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£2 bus fare cap extended until autumn

We won’t pay more than £2 on most bus journeys in England

A £2 bus fare cap in England has been extended until the end of October.

The bus fare cap was due to end this month. But the government has said it will now last until autumn to help us cope with the cost of living.

After October the cap will rise to £2.50 and will stay in place until November 2024.

It’s part of a scheme called Get Around for £2 and most routes in England will qualify. 

London, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire routes are not included. They have their own, longer-term fare caps.

If we’re travelling to Wales on a service that starts in England, we should pay the £2. But normal prices apply if we’re travelling on the same bus but within Wales only.

In Scotland there’s no bus fare cap. But if we’re 21 or under we can get free bus travel under the Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme.

The fare cap is part of the government’s Help for Households scheme. This brings together various bits of support to help us cope with rising costs.

Covid brought a 10 per cent drop in bus use and the fare cap is aimed at getting people back on the bus.

And don’t forget, if we’re 66 in England (except London) or 60 in the rest of the UK and London we’ll qualify for a bus pass.

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