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£50 grant for families to help with cost of living

A new fund is paying out £50 to help families keep kids happy and healthy

A new fund has been launched to help families get through the cost of living crisis with a £50 grant.

The Cost of Living Fund is there to help families who are worst hit by the crisis.

We can use the £50 grant for essentials like food, energy bills or clothing. Or we could also use it for other things that help our kids get the things they need for their physical and mental health.

If we think we might be eligible for the cash, we can ask a support worker to apply on our behalf. 

This could be a social worker, school staff, health professional or a charity. It should be someone who’s familiar with our circumstances.

Applications are open now, but will close when all of the £1m fund has been given out. It’s being run by the Cash for Kids organisation.

Grants are limited to one £50 payment per child per household. Cash for Kids says it aims to get the money paid out as quickly as possible after an application is approved.

And don’t forget about Healthy Start vouchers (or Best Start in Scotland). They can help us with food bills but lots of eligible families aren’t claiming them. Don’t miss out!

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