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Asda offering help to save for Christmas

If we save on the supermarket’s Rewards app we’ll be able to exchange our savings for vouchers at Christmas

Supermarket Asda is helping us to save for Christmas with a new rewards scheme when we shop.

It may only just be autumn, but the cost-of-living crisis means many of us may be anxious about the expense of Christmas.

To take part, we’ll need to be using the Asda Rewards app. The app lets us save to a ‘Cashpot’ which we can use over Christmas.

We can save up to £300 in total.

And when we transfer money into our Christmas Saver Cashpot, we’ll get a one-off bonus from the store. Amounts vary, up to £5 for transfers of £40 or more.

Rather than collecting points, with Asda Rewards we can build up a pot of cash. The money in the Cashpot can be converted into a voucher to spend in store.

It’s free to sign up, and we can earn rewards when we spend in store.

On some products (those marked with a star) we can earn back 10 per cent of the cost. Rewards are added to our Cashpot when we scan our card at the checkout.

Savings from Christmas Saver Cashpots can be converted into vouchers between 24th November and 31st December.

It’s not the only way the store is encouraging us to save for Christmas this year.

They’re also offering a Christmas Savings gift card. Savings can be topped up at any time, and the store will reward savers with a bonus in November.

If we load money on to the card before 12 November we’ll automatically get a bonus of up to £15.

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