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New scheme offers free or cheaper home insulation

The Great British Insulation Scheme will help hundreds of thousands of people cut their bills and improve their home’s insulation

A new insulation scheme could help us upgrade our home and save money on our energy bills.

The Great British Insulation Scheme will provide free or cheaper roof, loft or cavity wall insulation. It’s just for people on low incomes.

It’s thought around 300,000 homes across England, Scotland and Wales will benefit.

To apply, we’ll have to be in a lower council tax band. That means bands A-D in England and A-E in Scotland and Wales.

(If we’re in Northern Ireland we should look at this energy advice instead.)

We can find out if we’re eligible with the free online checker. It will ask us a series of questions, such as how we heat our home and if we’re receiving any benefits.

Or we can call 0800 098 7950 to find out more about the scheme.

What happens next?

If we’re eligible, our energy supplier will get in touch with us.

They’ll assess our home and we’ll find out how much, if anything, we’d need to pay.

We can decide not to go ahead if we change our mind or if there’s a cost that we won’t be able to pay.

If we rent our home, we should speak to our landlord before we apply. We’ll have to get their permission before any work is carried out.

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