Table set for Christmas

Ho ho how to save on Christmas dinner

Whether it’s turkey or something different, there are plenty of ways to save on Christmas dinner this year

If we’re celebrating Christmas, we’ll want to get the food right. But that doesn’t mean we can’t save on Christmas dinner.

There are lots of ways to avoid spending a fortune. 

Here’s a Quids in! guide outlining how to save on Christmas dinner – and where to shop for it.

Other ways to save

  • Start buying reduced items now and freeze them for Christmas.
  • Plan to cook at least some festive meals from scratch. 
  • Check for vouchers, points or coupons that might have built up.
  • Don’t be tempted to try a more expensive supermarket just because it’s Christmas. Yes, the packaging might look nicer but we won’t be serving the food in its packaging.
  • Unless we’re big fans, consider ditching the Christmas crackers. We can decorate the table with small candles, a vase of pine cones and a few sprigs from a Christmas tree (or a red-berried bush).

Image: Tim Douglas / Pexels

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