Tower air fryer

Save on a Tower air fryer

Air fryers can save a packet on cooking costs – now we can save on a Tower air fryer with this 25 per cent discount

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Getting in shape’s not just about being more active. Improving our diet can also make a huge difference to our health.

At Quids in! we’re also very big on bringing down bills by saving energy in the home.

That’s where an air-fryer comes in – it’s a really economical way to cook.

It cooks food faster and uses less energy than the oven – meaning we could save 50 per cent on energy costs simply by switching.

We’ll also use way less oil – so it’s brilliant for our waistlines too.

Tower Housewares is offering 25 per cent off its appliances, including air fryers like these ones, from Christmas Day until 27 December. We just need to enter the word BOX at the checkout when we’re spending £30 or more.

But if we miss that one, Tower is offering 20 per cent off appliances between 29 December and 14 January. Enter NY24 at the checkout for this one.

Also included in the offer is the Tower range of slow cookers. They’re great for cooking soups, stews and even lasagne and puddings. And like air fryers they use a lot less energy than cooking on the hob or oven.

Energy firm Utilita estimates that by cooking with an air fryer instead of an electric oven we could save £72.45 a year. And for slow cookers we could save £68.59.

Sale items, microwaves and spare parts are not included in the offer.

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