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Keep on top of child benefit with updated app

There’s now a child benefit section on the HMRC app to make it easier for parents to manage their account

If we receive child benefit, there’s a new and improved smartphone app for keeping tabs on our payments.

Child benefit comes from HMRC. It has just launched a new section on its app to make it easier to keep an eye on payments.

It should save us the hassle of waiting on hold to speak to an adviser if we have a query or if our circumstances change.

We can also change our bank details on the app. We just need to go to the new child benefit section.

But we need to do this three days before our payment is due in order to get the money paid into the new account.

The app is free and we can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once we’ve installed it, there are a few steps to take to sign in. But after that it should make keeping on top of our child benefit payments more straightforward.

And if we’re a parent claiming Universal Credit, we should make sure we’re getting all the help with childcare that we’re entitled to.

Rules and entitlements have changed over recent months. So it’s worth making sure we’re not missing out.

Our work coach will also be able to advise us on what we’re entitled to in terms of childcare.

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