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High Stakes

The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Gambling addiction can trap anyone, even the rich and famous

One of the worst vices for our financial health can be gambling. We never know what it is going to cost and it really plays to our emotions. The more confident someone is, the more likely they are to have a problem as gambling is really hard to walk away from once you’re losing, believing we are one of the special ones who can earn it all back.

No surprise then that lots of celebrities have problems and it’s shocking how badly some of them have lost. It seems the knowledge they are best in the world at one thing makes them believe they are going to be great at other things and this sort of mindset leads to disaster.

Ego-driven gambling ruins entire lives. It works the same way as addiction but affects our financial health before our physical health. One of the most infamous gamblers, Charlie Sheen, lost up to $2.5 million in three months. Tiger Woods gambled away $58.5 million over 7 years. Michael Jordan lost $1 million in a single golf game after he bet $250,000 per putt – a crazy amount that is more than 5 times the average American’s yearly earnings.

Nobody in their right mind could continue down this path. No logic is involved and anyone can get hooked. Read more plus a specially created celebrity gambling losers graphic from Casinosites here.

For help, contact National Gambling Helpline Freephone 0808 8020 133, or visit Be Gamble Aware.

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