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Why the Job Market Isn’t Dead

If we’ve been made redundant or job hunting for some time, it might feel like a hopeless cause. But Quids in! has some handy tips and insights which might make you think differently

Since the pandemic, unemployment has soared. It seems like every day brings more news of redundancies or businesses shutting shop. There’s no way to spin it – the jobs market has been hit harder than ever before. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for any of us. It might just be a case of changing our mindset.

Jack Kennedy, an economist from the job site, said: “Overall job postings are down 60% year on year. Healthcare has been the most resilient, as has loading and stocking (warehouse jobs). We have also noticed an interest in sector switching, like customer service to care work.”

Sector switching won’t work for everyone. There’s no point retraining in an area we don’t enjoy or have the right skills for. For example if we’re a children’s party entertainer it’s unlikely we’ll want to retrain as an accountant. (And contrary to the government’s advice, we’re not sure a ballerina like Fatima in their ad campaign is really best suited to a new career in cyber!) We have to play to our strengths.

First of all we should write down what our strengths and weaknesses are. Also any practical skills we have, and our experience. Think outside the box. Have you been doing anything differently during lockdown that you weren’t doing before?

Karina, services coordinator for Clean Slate Training & Employment, says: “We have been seeing jobs in growth industries like Covid enforcement officers, support worker roles, and food delivery services. There’s lots of shortages in the NHS, in nursing and care work. Most recently we helped someone who lost their job in retail management who is now working in supported housing.”

If we’re open to turning our hand to something new, there are grants available for adult learners. Visit the government website for more info on grants for the NHS, social work and teaching. The government is also putting more money into apprenticeship schemes. This means more employers should have more vacancies. There are places available for under 25s and over 25s.

Food retail is booming. It was, after all, the other sector that stayed open throughout lockdown. Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons have announced plans to create more jobs and open new stores over the coming months. Pre-prepared meal-kit companies like Gousto and Mindful Chef are also creating new jobs. It’s worth checking their individual websites for any vacancies.

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