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Confidence Tricks

We’ve all heard the phrase: ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’. There’s no better time to be bold like this than when applying for work. Coming across as confident seems hard but seven simple tricks can help us pull something out the bag.

In previous articles, we have looked at some of the 7 Signs that show we’re right for the job. We have seen how to draw confidence from knowing what we have to offer, what we’re good at and trying to achieve, and what employers are looking for. All these things edge us forward towards our goals but combined they should make us feel ten feet tall.


We run 7 Signs Training at Clean Slate Training & Employment and we watch groups of jobseekers grow this way together. The change in people is often quite amazing.

We know ourselves better than anyone. We could answer questions on the subject on Mastermind. So why is it so hard to talk about ourselves in a cover letter or interview?

There are template cover letters online and practice questions on YouTube but what we should say is already inside us. These tips suggest ways to look confident and sound like we know what we’re talking about. 


Follow the links below to see what we’ve covered already:

  1. Cover your back: If you have a chequered job history for whatever reason, know how you’ll account for this. Preparing to have this discussion will make you feel more confident
  2. Sending messages (pt 1): Start with a personal statement that is little more than a well-worded text message. Use it on your CV. This will be your starting point for answering questions at interview
  3. Sending messages (pt 2): Don’t stress about how to write a cover letter or CV. Many of us use Facebook or LinkedIn, the principles are the same. See our tips on how to write a unique CV here
  4. Passion (the right kind) is good: Think about what gets you going – it may be your proudest achievement. Talking with passion about something you love is infectious and shows you mean what you’re saying
  5. You’ve got skills: As with passion, review your biggest success and think what skills and qualities you used to pull it off. You’ll have more than you can use and you’ll feel unstoppable. Almost
  6. Expect what you want: We often know what we don’t want from a job without thinking about what we do want. Fair pay, a good boss, options to progress… Don’t be afraid to ask the question
  7. What’s on me?: It’s not a secret. When recruiting, bosses produce a list of what they want – a job description. Read that, then have a think about what they don’t tell you about performing well and being a good team player

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