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Quids in! Laptop Drive

We often talk about the ‘digital divide’. Not having a computer, or knowing how the internet works, can exclude people like us. So we’re doing our bit to help…

Last year we teamed up with Mastercard to launch the Nobody In The Dark campaign to help people who feel unsure about how the internet can boost their finances.

With so much moving online because of the pandemic, not having access to the internet can leave us feeling isolated and worse off, financially.

Our social enterprise, Clean Slate, has received government funding to provide laptops to people across Bath & North East Somerset who are digitally excluded. We’ve teamed up with Wiltshire Digital Drive (WDD), an organisation which refurbishes and recycles donated laptops to gift back to the community.

The scheme will give low-income households access to online tools and resources. Plus it prevents hardware from ending up in landfill. Win-win!

Anyone who receives a laptop will be offered our Money Health-Check for one-to-one support on how to use their device to manage their finances.

Feedback from people who have benefitted from the scheme has been really positive.

Justin Williams, a supported housing client, told Quids in!: “Many of us did not have a computer and were struggling to have meetings on Zoom and other forums. We will now be able to access online groups specialising in addiction, therapy, college courses, online banking, shopping, social media, email – the list goes on. This incredible donation will enable us to move forward with our lives.”

You can access our Money Health-Check yourself by taking our Future Proof Finance Quiz. You can also check out the free, online courses from LearnMyWay, which will help you find your way around the internet.

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