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Staff Shortage In Leisure Sector

Bars and restaurants are struggling to recruit staff after thousands quit the sector during the pandemic. This could mean some welcome news for job seekers…

As the pubs, restaurants and hotels reopen, many venues are having to limit their opening hours because of staff shortages.

It is estimated more than one in ten UK workers left the sector in the last year. Brexit is thought to be one of the main reasons, forcing people to leave the UK. Others lost their jobs in the pandemic after venues were forced to close or went bust. Many people have now found other employment. 

While many people remain out of work, the sector is struggling to attract new employees. There have been calls to improve working conditions, including better pay and job security, to tempt workers back.

With this summer tipped to a bumper one for businesses, job vacancies for chefs, hotel, pub and restaurant staff have surged.

This could mean good news for those of us who are currently looking for work. Check out recruitment websites such as or where hundreds of new jobs are listed every day. You can also search general job sites which cover all sectors – see our guide to online job hunting here.
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