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New easy read tool for Quids in! website

We can translate the site into other languages or hear it read aloud

The Quids in! website has a new easy read tool to translate the content into more than 100 languages.

The Recite Me function can also read out the articles and change the size and colour of the text.

An easy read tool can help anyone who struggles with online content. And it means that everyone can get the most out of the Quids in! money-saving advice.

To access Recite Me, just click ‘Easy Read’ on any page of our website. It’s at the top right.

Then we can see all the functions as icons across the top. There’s a host of languages to choose from, a ruler and a text mask among other things.

Hovering over the icons with our mouse will show us what they do.

To hear the articles read aloud, we just need to place our mouse over the words we want to hear.

We asked one of our bilingual staff members to road-test it – and she was a fan!

As she pointed out, if we’re struggling with money we don’t need language barriers getting in the way of support.

The same goes for those of us who struggle with reading or who have dyslexia. The function should have something to help anyone get more from the website.

There’s a handy video explainer of all the things it can do here. Why not try it out?

And if we know someone who could benefit from it then we should definitely spread the word!

Get in touch to let us know what you think.

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