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Pension Credit could be worth thousands – don’t miss out!

A massive £1.7 billion of Pension Credit went unclaimed last year. If we’re eligible we could be in for an extra £3,000 a year

Many of us could be missing out on Pension Credit and along with it a host of other related benefits.

The government says that a whopping £1.7 billion of Pension Credit was unclaimed last year.

That help can be worth more than £3,000 a year. About a million people of pension age are thought to be missing out.

And it also opens up the latest round of Cost of Living payments – worth around £300 each.

Claiming Pension Credit can also qualify us for housing benefit, the Winter Fuel Payment, council tax discount or a free TV licence if we’re over 75.

If we, or someone we know, is above state pension age and on a low income we should check if we can claim.

It tops up our income to £182.60 a week if we’re single or £278.70 a week for a couple. This is known as the ‘guarantee’ part of Pension Credit.

For couples, both partners need to have reached state pension age (66 years).

Even if our income is already higher than this, we may still qualify if we’re disabled. We could also qualify if we’re a carer or responsible for a child.

It’s not automatic (we have to make a claim for it) and the system is complex, so the best plan is to get in touch with the government to check.

We can apply online or call the Pension Service for free on 0800 99 1234 (or 0808 100 6165 in Northern Ireland).

A full list of the benefits linked to Pension Credit is here.

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