Selection of Morrisons Savers products

Morrisons cuts prices of Savers products

The supermarket has further reduced the price of 130 Savers products, including chicken and cheese

Morrisons has cut prices across its Savers range of products.

The supermarket chain has more than 200 products in its no-frills range. Now 130 of these have come down further in price.

They said it would help those of us struggling to cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

Products that have come down in price include bacon, chicken, cheese, fruit, veg and potatoes.

Savers bacon will drop from £1.25 to £1.12. And a pack of cooked chicken pieces is down to £1.79 from £1.99.

Frozen ready-meals and fish fingers were also included in the price cut. And the Savers range includes household products – meaning Savers laundry powder, toothpaste and washing-up liquid have all come down in price. Laundry powder has dropped from £3.30 to £2.69.

At the end of last year, Morrisons slashed prices of many of the things we’d be buying at Christmas – again in a bid to help us get through the crisis.

Customer and worker in Asda cafe
Asda’s £1 deal includes unlimited tea and coffee for over-60s

At the same time, Asda has said that its popular ‘Kids eat for £1’ cafe deal will continue until March.

It means that under-16s can have a hot meal in any Asda cafe for £1 regardless of how much the adult spends.

Asda’s pensioner ‘Winter Warmer’ deal has also been extended. That means over-60s can get soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffee for £1 until the end of March.

Asda Living Stores will also be offering both deals for the first time.

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