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Big change to Universal Credit for jobhunting parents

If we’re parents and on Universal Credit we’ll have to meet our work coach more often

If we’re parents on Universal Credit, some big changes were introduced over the summer.

Under the new rules, launched at the end of July, if we’re jobhunting and have a child aged one we’ll have to meet our work coaches more often.

Before, we had to meet our work coach every six months. Now that has changed to every three months.

And if our child is two years old, we’ll have to meet our work coach every month. This used to be every three months.

The change applies if we’re the main carer for our child. We don’t necessarily have to be the parent.

More changes for parents

With young children to care for, this will mean we’ll have to put some childcare in place so we can attend the meetings.

But the government says our work coach should be able to help us identify what extra help would make finding a job easier for us.

And our payments won’t be affected by the move. It’s just the work coach meetings that have changed.

We could be sanctioned though if we don’t keep up with the work coach meetings. That would mean our UC could be cut or stopped altogether.

There’s another change for parents coming in later this year. It’ll mean that if our kids are aged between three and 12 we’ll be expected to increase our work-related activity hours.

There will be more on this on the Quids in! website nearer the time – so keep an eye out.

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