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Carer for a loved-one? Don’t miss out on discounts

If we’re a carer, or rely on a carer, there are discounts and special advantages we should look out for

If we care for a loved-one we may be eligible for all sorts of savings and discounts.

Visitor attractions and leisure centres are some of the places where we may be entitled to free entry if we’re there as a carer.

Unfortunately though, there’s no specific card that’s accepted nationwide for carer discounts.

But often visitor attractions and facilities will take us on trust and waive our entrance fee. They may ask to see an award letter for any disability or caring benefits. The person we’re caring for will usually still have to pay however.

Carer’s cards

And if we would find a carer’s card useful, lots of councils offer them. They may also have details of local businesses and organisations that will offer us discounts.

Another scheme we can apply to is CarerSmart. It’s a club run by Carers Trust that’s open to both carers and the people they care for.

We can join for free and get access to cashback, offers from energy and insurance firms, travel and leisure discounts and free legal advice.

And if we love films, a cinema CEA card costs £6 for a year and entitles disabled people to a free ticket for a carer who’s going with them.

Banking on it

There are also some banking benefits if we’re a carer, or are cared for.

A carer’s card bank account is offered by many high street banks. It lets a carer have a certain amount of access to the money in the account – with the permission of the account holder.

It can make things like shopping and withdrawing cash easier, as the bank will issue the carer a debit card they can use to help out.

But the carer won’t be able to see the account details or pay online or over the phone.

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