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How to save money on warm clothes for autumn

As the weather gets chillier, we may be looking for ways to save money on warm clothes

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As the seasons change we may find ourselves wondering how to save money on warm clothes.

Our local second-hand shop is a great place to start the search for cosy clothes. It’s often a better option than Buy-Now-Pay-Later, which can leave us open to debt and late payment fees.

But if we find it easier to shop online, or if we want a bit more choice, there are options to buy preloved over the internet.

Preworn is one of the UK’s biggest online sellers of second-hand clothes. There are around a million preloved items on the site at any time, all of them at low prices.

The clothes are photographed and there’s an honest description of the condition of the item.

And they have clothing for women, men, kids and babies.

Not just clothing…

The preloved trend is all part of a bigger movement away from buying new when we don’t have to.

So-called ‘libraries of things’ are becoming ever more popular.

They loan out all sorts of things, including tools, small appliances, camping gear and other useful items.

Renting them out costs a fraction of what it would cost us to buy them. And it’s more environmentally sound too.

There’s a handy directory of them here. And we should keep an eye on local social media groups to see if there’s anything mentioned in our area.

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