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In Talk Money Week, could we Do One Thing to be better off?

This Talk Money Week is all about doing just one thing to improve our finances. Quids in! has a great idea…

This year, the people behind Talk Money Week are asking us to ‘Do One Thing’ to improve our finances.

Talk Money Week takes place every year – this year it’s from 6-10 November.

Research has shown that talking about money helps us to feel less stressed and more in control.

Being open about our cash also helps us make better financial decisions, strengthens our relationships and helps our kids form good money habits.

When it comes to the advice to Do One Thing, the people at Talk Money Week say this means that once we’ve decided on our one thing we should tell everyone about it and then encourage others to do the same.

Quids in! has a “one thing” suggestion… our simple and free Future Proof Finance Quiz.

It’s made up of 25 yes or no questions. For each ‘no’ answer we give, we’ll get advice on how to make a positive change.

The quiz is a great way of uncovering the tips and tricks no one tells us about. It also helps us make sure we’re claiming everything we’re entitled to. We really have nothing to lose!

Then once we’ve done the quiz, because it’s Talk Money Week we can tell our friends and family about it to see if they can make gains too.

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