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Interested in a job in the beauty industry? It’s booming

We may never have thought of a job in the beauty industry – but there are more roles than we might think

The government is highlighting the UK’s thriving beauty industry as a great place to find a job if we’re out of work or looking for more hours.

After British Beauty Week last month, the DWP highlighted the huge range of roles in the industry.

It said there are more than 4,000 vacancies on its Find a Job portal right now.

And according to a report this year, a job in the beauty industry is good for people who are under-represented in the workforce. More than 80 per cent of workers are women and 86 per cent are self-employed.

Jobs on offer in the industry aren’t limited to beauticians, but include sales and even teaching.

The sector is booming – it’s worth £20bn to the UK economy every year. But many of us might not have thought of it for our next job.

Mike Kendal, CEO of the British Beauty Council, said: “Many people are unaware of the diverse range of opportunities available in the sector.”

He added that they’re running a Future Talent Programme for young people (aged 11 to 18) interested in the industry. It covers roles in tech, fragrance, sustainability and cosmetic science.

And jobseekers can ask at Jobcentre Plus about something called a sector-based work academy programme (SWAP).

SWAPs help us to get the skills and work experience we need in a particular industry. 

They last up to six weeks and involve training and work experience with a suitable employer. Then at the end of it we get either an interview or help with an application. There are several SWAPs linked to beauty, looking at jobs in hair, beauty and fitness.

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