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Asda price match with Aldi and Lidl

It’s not just Asda that’s trying to win our attention with deals and wage rises

A new Asda price match will see it challenge its budget rivals Aldi and Lidl across hundreds of products.

The items included in the Asda price match have dropped in price by 17 per cent on average.

They include household staples including milk, bread, tea, coffee, meat, fruit, veg, pasta, rice and cereals.

Asda’s other value features, including Price Drop and Asda Rewards, are still on offer too.

What’s in the Asda price-match?

It means a 650g pack of chicken mini breasts has dropped from £5.40 to £4.32. And 300g of Extra Special cheddar cheese is now down to £2.99 from £3.80.

A whole large chicken has dropped in price by more than £1 – from £5.40 to £4.04.

Asda has promised to check the prices twice a week against Aldi and Lidl. They’ll match whichever store works out cheaper for each product.

It’s not the only supermarket trying to win our custom this winter.

Morrisons says it has locked more than 1,000 low prices until the end of February. Of these, 200 are products that have recently been cut in price.

It says some of its biggest price cuts are 450ml of washing-up liquid (down to 59p from 75p) and five bananas (slashed in price from 99p to 78p).

And a tin of chopped tomatoes is down to 49p from 60p.

Sainsbury’s wages boost

On the other side of the checkout, Sainsbury’s has vowed to boost its pay rate by 9 per cent from £11 to £12 an hour.

The government’s National Living Wage is due to rise to £11.44 in April, while the Real Living Wage is £12 an hour.

Sainsbury’s says the pay rise will come into effect in March and will include 120,000 workers across the country.

It means they’ll join Aldi in offering store staff at least £12 an hour. Both stores also pay more within the London area – Aldi ups its rates to £13.55 and Sainsbury’s will pay £13.15.

Sainsbury’s says its pay rise could translate to £1,910 a year for a full-time worker (£2,290 a year in London).

Other benefits Sainsbury’s is offering include free food during shifts, 15 per cent staff discount on Fridays and Saturdays, and 15 per cent off at Argos on payday.

Image: Asda

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