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Lifeline payment for partners who escape domestic abuse

A new fund has been launched to give those who escape domestic abuse a £500 payment

A new pot of cash can help partners escape domestic abuse with a £500 payment.

The government fund is there to help survivors in England and Wales who don’t have the means to leave.

(In Scotland, a trial scheme is taking place. Women can apply to the Fund to Leave by contacting one of the Women’s Aid groups taking part. Or they can contact Scottish Women’s Aid.)

And in England and Wales, survivors could also get a further £2,500 to start a new life. They can use it for a deposit on a place to live, for example.

Support services and case workers who have expert understanding of abuse will hand out the cash. Women’s Aid is also involved in the scheme.

But the charity says three quarters of women found it harder to leave an abuser because of the cost of living.

In a pilot of the scheme, survivors who escape domestic abuse said the money helped them to buy essentials. That could be things like nappies and food for their children.

And they had better mental health, as they could afford security features like doorbell cameras.

Spice Girl Mel B is patron of Women’s Aid. She said of the fund: “I know how needed it is and the difference it has made to the lives of women and children who could not have left without it.”

Women’s Aid have a live chat function on their website for any woman who needs help. Anyone in imminent danger from an abuser should call 999.

And anyone whose money is being controlled by their partner can visit Surviving Economic Abuse. There’s also a helpline on 0808 1968845 (Monday-Friday).

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