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Disability cost-of-living payments due soon

If we’re claiming certain disability benefits we’ll be in line for a £150 payment from this month

If we’re claiming any disability benefits, we’re in line for a £150 cost of living payment from this month.

It’s a one-off payment that will go straight into our bank account if we’re on certain disability benefits. The cash is in addition to the £400 support that every household will get from this autumn.

The payment is part of the government’s bid to help us cope with rising bills. Millions of us should get it, and it’ll start being paid from 20 September. 

However, most of us will get ours some time in early to mid October.

To qualify, we need to have been claiming one of these benefits before 25 May: Disability Living Allowance, PIP, Attendance Allowance, Armed Forces Independence Payment, Constant Attendance Allowance, War Pension Mobility Supplement or Adult/Child Disability Payment (in Scotland).

(Don’t forget that the Quids in! website has a special function for those of us who are visually impaired or who struggle to read for other reasons).

Cost of living payment

There’s more money from the government this autumn if we’re on certain means-tested benefits.

The first half of a £650 cost-of-living payment was paid from July, and the second half is coming soon.

There’s no date yet for the £324 second instalment. But if we got the first payment in summer we can expect the balance to drop into our accounts in autumn.

(Lots of us on Tax Credits haven’t had our first payment yet – that’s due in the next few weeks. There’s no fixed date for people on Tax Credits to get the second payment, but it’s due in winter).

The cost-of-living payment is paid to those of us who claim Universal Credit, income-based JSA/ESA, Income Support, Pension Credit or Tax Credits.

Council tax rebate

There was also a £150 council tax rebate for those of us living in a Band A-D home. 

Payments started back in April but the deadline for our council to pay us this cash is 30 September.

If we don’t usually pay our council tax by direct debit we have to apply for this. If we’re unsure if we qualify we should check with our council.

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